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At Jackson we design, manufacture and market LIFEGUARD® , our own brand of power distribution equipment, protected by residual current devices (RCDs). The equipment is widely used in the construction and pulp and paper industries, in hospitals and commercial organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia.


Jackson Industry’s hands on approach and personal service ensures the highest standards in regard to safety. Fully weather proof design and high quality components ensures LIFEGUARD power distribution boards are the number one choice to provide safe power in the Mining, Marine and Construction Industries. We have been keeping Kiwis safe since 1977.


Jackson Industry only use the highest quality materials including polyethylene, stainless steel and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) for their enclosures. Team that up with reputable brands such as ABL Sursum, Wieland, Fuji and Cekon, it’s easy to see why Jackson Industry has become the industry standard and the benchmark for quality for site power distribution.


Jackson Industry design and manufacture the entire LIFEGUARD range in their factory in Onehunga, Auckland. We carry large quantities of replacement parts and our friendly staff are only too happy to help with your technical or pricing enquiries.

We also have a full service department that can undertake servicing and any repairs that may be required.