Moulding the Parnell Foot Bridge

Moulding the Parnell Foot Bridge

Customer: Warren Mahoney
Project: Parnell Footbridge
Published: June / 26 / 2014



Jackson had to truly step up to the plate in order to meet the tooling scale required for the Parnell Foot Bridge. Providing unprecedented large scale CNC machining services, the largest NZ manufactured flexible form liner to date was produced.

Incorporating an artist’s design into the formed face of the precast beams was a key challenge for the project; this aspect of the construction was done in collaboration with Wilson Precast. The pattern was formed using a rubber form liner fabricated by Jackson Electrical. To construct the form liner Jackson Electrical created a master negative mould in its proprietary tooling board CaroC, using a 3D model of the art work and a computer aided router. Rubber was then poured into the master negative to create a flexible form liner that could be added to the curved beam form work, prior to the addition of reinforcing steel and concrete at Wilson’s yard.

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